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Plastic Surgery Secretary: 07568 112541

Lumps and Bumps Secretary: 07841 594278

Verrucas are a nuisance for an experienced expert to battle

Verruca warts are more common and more persistent than you may think when you first discover them on the soles of your feet, which many of us will at some point.

Also called plantar warts, myrmecia or verruca plantaris, these growths are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV) which occurs solely on the sole or toe of the human foot.

As The Daily Mail points out, they are highly contagious and highly stubborn viruses that are caught most readily by people who walk around barefoot.  Many verruca bearers try a myriad of home remedies they hear or read about on line.  Usually, to no avail.  Sooner or later they end up seeking professional combatants for these highly resistant, often quite painful viruses.  

Dr. Robert Warr is a highly successful plastic surgeon in Bristol and Cheltenham, but plastic surgery is not his only specialty.   For over a decade he has excelled at non-surgical procedures on everything from varicose veins to verruca warts.  His many satisfied patients will gladly describe how much relief and freedom of movement he’s brought them upon ridding them of unsightly virus.  How does he do it?  Through laser wart technology, which he has studied and excelled at for over a decade.  Laser treatment is a minimally intrusive procedure that when properly and persistently administered can eradicate these embarrassing nuisances for good.  

But you can’t know exactly how much and what sort of preparation your particular type, size and density wart will require until you confer with this highly skilled practitioner.  Dr. Warr will explain to you exactly why all other methods failed in your particular case, then he’ll give you a step-by-step analysis of how and why he will wage war on your warts.

Because he views laser treatment as an art as well as a science, he will examine the landscapes of your soles to determine the level of intervention (superficial, medium or deep) before customising your treatment. He will explain exactly what steps these procedures involve, along with any possible risks in your case.  Once you understand the suggested procedure, he will discuss the level of anaesthesia required, and make sure you’re comfortable with it.  Then your treatment will be scheduled, at your convenience, at a time you’ll be able to get some post-procedure recovery time.  The area will need to be paired down a bit before treatment, but your pain-free comfort will always be his priority.  

Though Dr. Warr will try to give you a time estimate for the length of the procedure, accessing the root of each wart may take a bit longer depending on the position of the growths on the foot and your skin type.   Once the battle is won, however, the war of prevention must go on. Always wear something on your feet, keep them exfoliated, get plenty of sleep and maintain a balanced diet – all which will strengthen your immune system to resist any wandering viruses in the future.  Ring Dr. Warr and launch the war against your warts today!