Firstly I’m so excited, I can barely type this! I am so so glad I did my research (and I did A LOT) and found Dr Warr! I have always hated my nose, it had a hump, was deviated, not straight and was slightly bulbous! It caused me extreme anxiety and really affected my life. I met Dr Warr with my dad, he was very upfront and very honest, this instantly made my dad and I comfortable, as he didn’t just say what I wanted to hear. He told me realistically what could be expected and made sure I was aware of it! I felt so at ease, and seeing his previous reviews and before and after felt in very capable hands! I have just come back from having my cast taken off and honestly I am still shocked! It’s far better than I could have ever imagined! dr Warr is a genius! For the first time in my whole life, I actually feel pretty and feminine, which I never thought I would! I’m honestly so grateful to him, he has changed my life. Not only is he the best in the buisness but he is also so lovely and caring! Thank you so much, never did I think my nose could turn out so perfect. (I can’t put the mirror down)