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Plastic Surgery Secretary: 07568 112541

Lumps and Bumps Secretary: 07841 594278

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Plastic surgery as an option when you are a young adult

Growing up can be tough enough without becoming overtly self-conscious about your looks. It is a distressing fact of life, but during your childhood and later years at school, having even the slightest deviation from the norm where physical looks are concerned can lead to extremely unhappy periods where pupils are bullied or certainly made to feel different because they are not seen as normal, whatever normal actually means.

What I, Robert Warr, do know from my years as practising as a cosmetic surgeon in Bristol is that there are still a good number of young adults who cannot wait to undergo plastic surgery as a means to improve what they have been convinced, for most of their life, is an unattractive feature. I have been fortunate enough to have witnessed not just the physical transformation of a number of my patients after they have undergone plastic surgery in Bristol, but also the transformation in their character, which helps to reassure me that the surgery itself was totally merited.For some of you, you may have other attributes, usually of a sporting nature, which can compensate and can negate teasing and bullying. However, for others the bullying and teasing can have such a dramatic effect that all you wish for is to have your features changed. This usually requires the passing of time in the majority of cases because until we reach adulthood our bodies are continually changing, as does our facial appearance. What we may have been bullied for when we were young can become less apparent as we grow up, and as we leave school and perhaps go on to university and make new friends we are able to outgrow our past and leave unpleasant experiences behind.

For many people who have no need or desire to undergo plastic surgery, such procedures are often seen as simply pandering to vanity and that they are very superficial in nature. Speaking from a position of authority I have to strongly disagree. To varying degrees, the physical changes can pale almost into insignificance when compared to the psychological ones and it is quite remarkable how a small physical transformation can have such a dramatic influence on the personality of a young adult who has grown up to feel unfairly but acutely self-conscious of their appearance.

Certainly I have had a number of clients who come to me with the express desire of simply enhancing what would appear, to the majority of us to be a lovely look, but seldom, if ever, do we see ourselves as others do. It can become very easy to over-exaggerate where we sense our looks are letting us down and therefore cosmetic surgery can provide a solution to a problem that has the potential to increase its effect it has on someone. Because of the varying needs that each individual patient has for considering plastic surgery I always welcome the opportunity for you to come to my surgery in Bristol for an initial consultation and full discussion on every aspect of plastic surgery. So, please feel free to call my surgery and make an appointment to come and see me at a time most convenient for you and let us discuss how I can help you.