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Attention to detail

Mr Robert Warr is a successful and established consultant plastic surgeon who has been working in Bristol and Gloucestershire for 14 years.

Robert is dedicated to providing the highest standard of care to every cosmetic or reconstructive surgery patient in his care. He prides himself on the personal relationship he develops with his patients knowing that the trust and confidence you have in your surgeon is vital to a patient’s peace of mind throughout their surgical journey. Safety and wellbeing are always his top priority.

Robert prides himself on the very personal relationship he develops with his patients knowing that the trust and confidence you have in your surgeon is vital throughout your surgical journey. Your safety and wellbeing will always be the top priority. Robert understands that the goals and motivations for undergoing any cosmetic procedure may be complex and that him getting to know his patients and equally his patients getting to understand him, is the key to success. You will find the consultation process relaxed, holistic and extremely informative. In short, with 14 years of providing cosmetic surgical services in Gloucestershire and Bristol, comes great experience which Robert will openly share with you.

The look Robert aims to achieve is always natural and fresh. Robert focuses heavily on the care you receive pre- and post-operatively, to optimise the outcome of your surgery and provide you with a smooth recovery after your procedure.

Robert believes that availability is an essential part of his success. He has learnt, for example, that his patients value being reviewed in person the following day. Equally Robert knows that many questions arise after surgery and so he arranges dressing appointments to coincide with his clinics. Robert knows that his patients may need reassurances even further down the line and so all follow up appointments, even many years later, are not charged for.

    • Robert has a personable and friendly manner and warmly welcomes new and existing patients
    • Emphasis on realistic expectations
    • Robert will always speak candidly to his patients about their desired goals to ensure that he can meet them
    • Passionate about achieving excellent results
    • Never any pressure to commit to surgery, Robert encourages you to carefully consider your options
    • Only works with affiliate hospitals offering excellent facilities and services
    • A strong interest in technological advancement and R&D into new treatments 12 years as a consultant doing cosmetic surgery
    • Prescribing plastic surgery for 20 years

Robert was born and brought up in Bristol and holds undergraduate and postgraduate medical degrees from Southampton and Bristol University. Robert undertook his specialist plastic surgical training in London and Paris. Whilst in London he specialised in cosmetic, craniofacial and oculoplastic surgery at Chelsea and Westminster, Charing Cross and the Cromwell Hospitals. In Paris he spent nine months at the Institute Currie specialising in breast surgery. During this time Robert was comprehensively trained in the most advanced techniques in aesthetic surgery. Over the past 14 years as a consultant, Robert has built upon this foundation to gain extensive experience in all areas of aesthetic surgery.

Within the NHS, Robert has a broad specialist interest but much of his work is in complex breast surgery, abdominal and pelvic reconstruction and post weight loss surgery. In these regards, he operates regularly with the breast cancer teams at Southmead hospital and the colorectal and gynaecology teams at the Bristol Royal infirmary. When on call for trauma, his primary interest is in soft tissue facial and nasal trauma. It is a feature, therefore, that Robert can mirror his primary cosmetic interests of abdominoplasty, post weight loss surgery, rhinoplasty, breast cosmetic surgery and gynaecological surgery in his NHS work. This relatively unusual situation has resulted simply from a passion in these specific fields and a realisation that sub-specialisation is key to obtaining the best possible outcomes.

Robert has an extensive track record in publications and innovation. He is widely published and has supervised three PhDs. In 1995 Robert received the Royal College of Surgeons Patten and Masser award for his research into the molecular biology of Malignant Melanoma. Robert has spoken as invited guest at international conferences, most recently as a key note speaker in the Pan Asian International Breast Cancer Conference 2016. Robert is committed to training. He is a senior lecturer at Bristol University and runs a Royal College Recognised Surgical Training Course annually.

Patient Feedback

Making you feel at ease 98%
Being polite and considerate 99%
Speaking to you in a way that is easy to understand 97%
Giving you enough time 97%
Doing their best to find out what you might be worried about 98%
Listening to you 97%
Taking account of your medical history 100%
Treating you with dignity 98%
Making you confident in my ability to provide safe care 97%
Ensuring you get the right advice/treatment needed 100%
Checking with you that you are happy with the planned treatments/tests 96%
Encouraging you to ask questions 98%
Making sure you understand 98%
Understanding your needs and worries 98%
Explaining any risks to the treatment 98%
Allowing you to make up your own mind 97%
Keeping you informed about the progress of your care 96%
Overall how did the Robert Warr meet your needs as a patient 100%

Patient Testimonials

My experience with Mr Warr has been faultless. Throughout the entire process, Mr Warr was honest, meticulous and realistic when discussing my results and any potential complications. I had three appointments with Mr Warr prior to my procedure, in which he answered any questions I had and ensured that myself and both of my parents were fully on board with the decision to proceed. There was absolutely no ‘hard sell’ and I felt completely in control of that decision. He was professional, kind, informative and I couldn’t speak more highly of him or his level of care. I am so pleased with my results and would urge anyone who is considering a rhinoplasty to consult Mr Warr first!

I had a rhinoplasty with Rob in September and am still amazed how much of an amazing job he did. It was a big decision for me to go ahead with the surgery but was instantly put at ease from the first consultation. I really appreciated his honesty regarding what was achievable with my rhinoplasty. I know that I have received the best outcome I could have possibly had – the results have definitely surpassed my expectations. I am so grateful for Rob for giving me a nose I never thought I could have. I really cannot recommend him enough.

I can’t fault the care I received from Mr Warr, he was honest with me right from the start and I immediately felt safe in his hands. I found his practice safe, reliable and I’d highly recommend his services to anyone.

Dr.Warr made my experience comfortable and professional from start to finish. I am so happy with my result and it’s only been 6 weeks! Thank you so much to my surgeon Dr.Warr and The Spire Hospital for such a smooth process!

Robert is straight talking and tells things as they are. He was professional and made sure I knew of the risks of the surgery. The surgery itself went brilliantly and he did a fantastic job. Highly recommended.

I had a tummy tuck 18 months ago and Mr Warr is still checking on me to see how things are. Things are great, they were before with his careful way of explaining everything. They were during with his skill and expertise and they continue to be after with the results and his advice. It all looks amazing, the only thing for me is my body reacted to the stitches – very rare seemingly, so the fading of the scar is taking longer but it is fading. I am very happy I had this done and would recommend Robert Warr to anyone.

Mr Warr demonstrated an exceptionally professional and courteous service throughout the consultation, operation and post-surgery procedures. After 5 years of worrying and contemplating if surgery would be the best idea for me. I can honestly say the results he has achieved are outstanding. I now have a certain level of body self-confidence that has been absent for such a long time.

Firstly I’m so excited, I can barely type this! I am so so glad I did my research (and I did A LOT) and found Dr Warr! I have always hated my nose, it had a hump, was deviated, not straight and was slightly bulbous! It caused me extreme anxiety and really affected my life. I met Dr Warr with my dad, he was very upfront and very honest, this instantly made my dad and I comfortable, as he didn’t just say what I wanted to hear. He told me realistically what could be expected and made sure I was aware of it! I felt so at ease, and seeing his previous reviews and before and after felt in very capable hands! I have just come back from having my cast taken off and honestly I am still shocked! It’s far better than I could have ever imagined! dr Warr is a genius! For the first time in my whole life, I actually feel pretty and feminine, which I never thought I would! I’m honestly so grateful to him, he has changed my life. Not only is he the best in the buisness but he is also so lovely and caring! Thank you so much, never did I think my nose could turn out so perfect. (I can’t put the mirror down)


Great experience end to end. I planned to shop around (as is sensible!) but after a consultation with only Mr Warr I knew I wanted him to do my surgery. His focus was on natural and subtle which was important to me, both personally and ethically. I’m extremely happy with the results and wouldnt hesitate to return for future ops.


I want to say a massive thank you to Dr Robert Warr for completely changing my life! I had breast enlargement surgery only a week ago with him and before choosing a surgoen I carried out a lot of research, Robert stood out from the other surgoens and once I had my first consultation with him I knew that I didn’t need to meet any other surgoens. He was very clear and understanding, and gave me his honest opinion on what size, shape etc that I should go. He was clear that he wouldn’t go any larger then was safe to do so and I knew I was in capable hands. His secretary Sarah was also very helpful, if I had any questions I could contact her and she would get back to me the same day with answers from Robert. 1 week post op and I’ve just had my check up, the scars are tiny and are healing very well, the size and shape is perfect and I couldn’t be happier. I would highly recommend Dr Robert Warr and can’t thank him enough.


Very professional, adviced me as to what would be best and safest for my body type. Great before and after care. Produced an amazing result, I couldnt have had a better experience. would highly recommend.

G Gardiner

Robert is straight talking and tells things as they are. He was professional and made sure I knew of the risks of the surgery. The surgery itself went brilliantly and he did a fantastic job. Highly recommended.


Mr Warr was very professional on my initial consultation. He talked through my expectations and was very straight about what my procedure involved and any complications that could occur. On the day of surgery, he came to see me before the operation and talked through any concerns I may have had and he really made me feel at ease. The operation was a complete success, the scar is barely noticeable even though I am only seven weeks post op and the end result far exceeded my expectations. Thank you Mr Warr, I am extremely happy, you have given me my confidence back.


I cant thank Mr Warr enough. I am so so happy with my new nose. I had never been happy with my bulbous nose, hated seeing myself in photos. My breathing was also a problem as I had nasal deviation, and it was getting worse. I was completely blocked in my one nostril. After some research I went to see Mr Warr. He put me at ease straight away, very friendly and very professional. He explained everything in detail. The operation went really well, and here I am, with the nose I had always wanted. My breathing is now perfect, and the bulbous tip has gone, with no scarring at all. I couldn’t be happier. I have been told I have the perfect nose :) I cannot recommended Mr Warr enough.


I could not be more delighted with my surgery undertaken by Robert Warr. Following weight loss and breastfeeding two children, my breasts had all but vanished – and six weeks post-operatively, I have gone from a small 32A to a generous 32C. I would recommend Robert to anyone considering this procedure: not only has he achieved a pleasing result aesthetically, which looks natural and feels very comfortable, but medically I have also felt in very safe, careful hands. In the lead up to the operation, Robert played a very straight bat at every appointment – he was entirely up front and honest about the risks and full implications of this undertaking, whilst also being reassuring in his assessment of the likely end result. Robert answered all my questions fully, listened carefully and delivered exactly what I wanted to achieve. That said, I was completely confident that Robert would not have agreed to anything I requested if he did not feel it was appropriate or would not have achieved a sensible outcome. The operation itself went very well and the recovery has gone extremely smoothly, with the scars healing nicely and already barely visible. If my best friend was contemplating a breast augmentation, I would certainly direct her to Robert and feel very confident that she would receive a first rate result with first rate care.

S Dock

I had breast enlargement 12 months ago & couldn’t be happier. Mr Warr was great, he explained everything, understood what I wanted to achieve & exceeded my expectations. Would definitely recommend him


Mr Warr’s calm and friendly nature put me and my husband at ease immediately. He explained every step leading up to the operation and always had time to answer any queries. During the operation the staff kept my husband informed and told him when I would be back on the ward. The aftercare I received was second to none, which I feel went a long way in helping the healing process.

It’s less than a year now since I’ve had the abdominoplasty and I am extremely pleased with the result.

It has been a pleasure having Mr Warr as my surgeon.

Mrs C M

Mr Rob Warr perfomed a bilaterial mastopexy for me on March of this year. He showed exeptional care from my first consultation. He was very honest and direct, and told me that he was hesitant to perform my request due to my age(64) and thinned skin, due to my time of taking steroids for health reasons in 2010. He told me that he would go away and think things over.

He then contacted me and said that he would operate on me, but not to have too high expections. I was very pleased that everything went beautifully. I had little pain, and a very quick recovery, and truly amazing results. He most certainly exceeded my expectations. My new reduced and lifted breasts have changed my life! I would recommend Mr Warr to anyone considering cosmetic surgery. I have already asked him to perform a brachioplasy for me in the near future.

Mrs R H ( Cheltenham)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for my excellent results, I truly am very happy and can finally look in the mirror without grimacing. 

Ms M

Mr Warr performed my Labia Minora, Labia Majora and Breast Augmentation in July 2017. I’m now 7 wks post op and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

I can’t thank Mr Warr enough, he made me feel at ease from the first consultation, explaining all the procedures thoroughly and making sure I understood everything, from what the surgeries involved through to post op recovery and setting realistic expectations of the results that could be achieved. I have to say that every expectation set has been exceeded.

Mr Warr was recommended to me and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone considering these surgeries.

Ms M
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