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Plastic Surgery Secretary: 07568 112541

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What is male breast removal?

Male breast removal is a procedure undertaken to address a condition in which one or both of the male breasts are abnormally large. Known as gynaecomastia, the condition is a hormone imbalance caused by increased levels of oestrogen.

The procedure can also be used to tighten the male breasts after a period of weight loss causes the skin in the chest area to sag. Male breast removal is not typically suitable for men without gynaecomastia, whose enlarged breasts are due to being overweight.

Why choose Robert Warr?

Robert Warr is a leading consultant and surgeon who is recognised as a specialist in male breast removal. The 96 per cent share of Robert Warr patients who say that they would recommend the service to family or friends is a reflection of customer satisfaction levels.

With Robert Warr you can take reassurance from a policy of using only the highest standard operating facilities in the leading hospitals, offering advanced treatments and the latest equipment.

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    Male breast removal FAQs

    Enlarged breasts can be a normal condition in middle aged or older men, as well as boys going through puberty. In cases in which the condition is pronounced, is causing medical problems, or anxiety; there are several treatment options which can be considered before a male breast removal procedure. These can include drugs such as testosterone replacement, clomiphene, tamoxifen and danazol.

    If an individual has not responded to the treatments above, and has had gynaecomastia for a long period of time, they might want to consider male breast removal.

    Male breast removal is a surgical procedure which typically begins with a small cut being made, allowing a surgeon to remove extra breast tissue. The breast can then be flattened and become smaller, and in many cases the areola (nipple) will need to be respositioned in order to account for the change in shape. Liposuction is another technique sometimes used.

    As with any surgical treatment, male breast removal carries small risks, which include wound healing problems, loss of sensation in the areola or infection. Patients will discuss their mode of anaesthesia (usually general anaesthetic) with an anaesthetist prior to the operation.

    As with any surgery, there is the risk of complications, including infection, haematoma, nerve injury, asymmetrical facial features, hair loss, and the development of obvious scars.

    Typically an elastic garment needs to be worn for a short time following the procedure. Generally patients will stay off work for a few days, and take a few weeks to restart activities such as strenuous physical exercise.

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