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Plastic Surgery Secretary: 07568 112541

Lumps and Bumps Secretary: 07841 594278

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Knowing plastic surgery will achieve the right results

Part of my concern comes from the fact that a good number of these “celebrities” are having what I consider to be totally unnecessary procedures, but they are setting a precedent, they are setting an example that, as a consequence, is causing many people to examine more closely how they appear. Stare at your nose for long enough in the mirror and eventually you will be able to convince yourself that you need a nose job when in reality, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your nose at all.It is an inescapable fact that today, body image and how we look is becoming more and more important to many. There is no doubt that this is a side-effect of the bombardment of images we get of celebrities not only looking at their most glamorous and beautiful, but also, unfortunately, less flattering images depicting them in “real-life” situations. Certainly for the younger generation, there is tremendous peer pressure on the need to look your very best. As a plastic surgeon in Bristol, I get to witness at first hand the effects of this subliminal drive towards the body beautiful, and it is concerning.

My other concern is a Bristol plastic surgeon is that many of these procedures are wholly cosmetic in nature and frankly, unnecessary in the grander scheme of things. Unfortunately, we don’t get to hear the full story, but the impression it gives is that plastic surgeons will do whatever they are asked without question. From a personal point of view, I find this frustrating, because it goes against my total professional ethos where plastic surgery is concerned. Certainly I fully appreciate the desires of a number of my clients to have procedures performed that personally I don’t feel are 100% essential, but I am also fully aware of the full picture and therefore a minor procedure can have a minor change to someone’s physical appearance, but create a massive change to their personal confidence and mental well-being. To me this is what good plastic surgery is all about, it is a balance.

Whether it is rhinoplasty, breast augmentation or breast reduction, a tummy tuck, a facelift or any other number of available procedures, it is important that you meet with this prior to agreeing any form of plastic surgery. This is not only so I can be certain that you will obtain the result you’re looking for, but that also your expectations are realistic. Any form of surgery cannot be taken lightly and to me it is important that any plastic surgery you undergo will achieve the end goal.

This article is not meant to cast a negative shadow over plastic surgery, far from it. Plastic surgery is exceptionally beneficial to many, many people and I have been fortunate enough to see the transformation in many of my patients lives as a result of the work I have carried out. Job satisfaction is exceptionally important to me and only when I know my patients are pleased with my work do I then feel happy.

One thing I cannot stress strongly enough is the fact that you are welcome to get in touch with me at Robert Warr, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Bristol, at any time, whether it is to have a general discussion about plastic surgery or if you would like more specific information on plastic surgery you are considering having undertaken.