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What is a facelift?

A facelift, also known as a rhytidectomy is a procedure undertaken for cosmetic purposes. It lifts and pulls back the skin, making the face smoother and tighter in the process. Through surgery, sagging or flabby skin in the neck and lower half of the face is reduced.

Why choose Robert Warr?

Robert Warr is one of the leading surgeons and consultants who specialise in facelifts. You can take confidence from his outstanding patient feedback which shows that 96 per cent of patients would recommend the service to family or friends.

With a policy of using only the leading hospitals with the highest standard of operating facilities, at the Robert Warr Clinic patients have access to the latest equipment and advanced treatments.

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    Facelift FAQs

    Attending a consultation with a surgeon is an important part of the decision-making process when considering a facelift. The consultation provides the opportunity to discuss your goals with a specialist and tell them about your medical history. The surgeon can conduct an examination and then talk you through some options. In some cases, objectives can be achieved with a more minor procedure.

    Among the cosmetic reasons why individuals choose a facelift are: loss of muscle tone in face and neck; creases around the mouth or nose; wrinkles on the face; and a tired appearance.

    Facelift surgery involves cuts being made at the hairline, around to behind the ear, allowing the surgeon to access the space beneath the skin where tissue and muscle are located. The procedure can take from two to three hours, depending on the individual, and concludes with the surgeon bandaging the face and applying stitches.

    Following the procedure, patients receive instructions on how to handle the bandage as they begin a recovery period.

    Facelift patients are provided with an entirely bespoke service by Robert Warr, including the benefits of a full consultancy. Normally patients will not eat for a period of several hours before surgery. An anaesthetist will be on hand to discuss the chosen form of anaesthesia prior to the operation.

    Face lift full SMAS £8099

    As with any surgery, there is the risk of complications, including infection, haematoma, nerve injury, asymmetrical facial features, hair loss, and the development of obvious scars.

    Most people need to stay in hospital overnight following a facelift, after which time they can return home. Bruising is still visible for at least two weeks, during which time it is recommended to take time off work. The full results of a facelift can take up to nine months to take effect.

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