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What is breast reduction treatment?

Breast reduction treatment is typically considered by women who have breasts which are disproportionately large. Women may pain or discomfort around the shoulders and occasionally backache. Breast reduction treatment can also be an option for women who find their breasts restricting or uncomfortable. Breast reduction treatment is sometimes suitable for men with conditions in which their breasts are enlarged to an abnormal extent, such as gynecomastia.

Why choose Robert Warr for your breast reduction?

Robert Warr is recognised as one of the leading experts in breast reduction. Heading up a surgery which uses only state of the art equipment, Robert has achieved a 96 per cent recommendation rate with customers who say they would suggest the doctor to family or friends.

Robert places a huge importance on the working relationships he cultivates with patients. Using the best hospitals and operating facilities, Robert adheres to a policy of performing all patient procedures personally, and also undertaking post operative reviews and cosmetic treatments.

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    Breast reduction FAQs

    The decision making process related to whether to opt for breast reduction treatment should be a careful one. There are a multitude of reasons why people may choose to undergo breast reduction treatment, and in many cases, it is because the individual feels that their breasts are too big in relation to the rest of their body. Women frequently suffer discomfort from bra straps. The weight of the breast may even contribute to back ache.

    Treatment can be undertaken in cases in which an individual’s breasts are different sizes, with one treatment being restricted to one breast. Other individuals opting for breast reduction treatment might feel that their clothes don’t fit as well as they would like around their breasts, which can cause them to be self conscious.

    In cases in which an individual has gained a lot of weight which has led to pronounced breast enlargement, breast reduction can be a way of bringing down breast size to a comfortable level. The treatment can also be suitable in cases in which breasts have lost their desired level of firmness.

    Breast reduction surgery is based around the specific needs and expectations of the individual. The operation typically involves the lifting and reduction of the breasts, and results in an improved shape, as well as improved asymmetries in some cases.

    Usually, breast reduction treatment involves surgery which makes incisions that allow breast tissue and excess skin to be removed, before the breast is lifted and reshaped. In some cases, specifically when a modest reduction is desired, liposuction can be used.

    Robert will walk you through the process of the agreed surgical plan, including a recovery timeline and a discussion on potential complications which are linked to breast reduction.

    Breast reduction treatment involves general anaesthesia, meaning patients will not eat or drink for six hours or more before the operation. Patients will discuss their agreed mode of anaesthesia with an anaesthetist on the day of surgery. The procedure itself typically lasts for about two hours.

    Individuals who have undergone breast reduction are typically able to return home on the day of surgery, or the day after. Light work can be resumed after one or two weeks, although full exercise is not usually possible until around three months after surgery.

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