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Breast reconstruction is Mr Warr’s sub-specialist interest in the NHS. He will accept referrals from Breast teams for reconstruction. His training in the Currie institute in Paris allowed him to refine his techniques many years ago. He now regularly performs reconstruction of all types from microsurgical DIEP reconstruction to fat transfer.

Mr Warr performs reconstruction within the NHS at Southmead Hospital, Bristol. He works closely with the local breast cancer team.

Robert has adopted all modern reconstructive techniques in breast reconstructive surgery. In 2013 he was an invited faculty member of the Fat Grafting Expert Panel in New Orleans, USA. He has also presented and published on acellular dermal matrix procedures.

Mr Warr is passionate about breast reconstruction and adamant that the best results come from using a variety of surgical techniques tailored the patients individual needs.


Many different operations are available for breast reconstruction. Mr Warr offers the most recent and advanced techniques. He is extremely experienced in fat transfer and offer Acelular Dermal Matrix reconstruction in addition to the more traditional micro-surgical techniques of DIEP or Tram.

• If micro-surgery is undertaken then this will require a five day stay in hospital
• If fat grafting is performed then it is often undertaken as a day case procedure
• You should be able to drive within one week
• You should be able to return to light exercise within one month

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  • “Robert has performed the most amazing surgery on my breasts. He has improved massively on my original reconstruction.”

    Mrs LD

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