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Breast enlargement surgery (augmentation)

Breast augmentation – also known as breast enlargement or augmentation mammoplasty – involves the placement of breast implants to increase breast size. The surgery can improve breast asymmetry, restore volume lost following weight reduction or achieve a breast shape which is more rounded.

Breast enlargement surgery is capable of improving the balance between hip contours and the breasts, enhancing the projection and ‘fullness’ of the breasts, and in many cases increasing self-confidence.

Why choose Robert Warr for your breast enlargement surgery?

Robert Warr is a leading expert in breast augmentation. Robert is a surgeon and consultant who has built a reputation for offering exemplary patient service, with 96% of patients saying that they would recommend him to family or friends.

The Robert Warr Clinic operates a policy of using only the best hospital and operating facilities, offering the most advanced treatments and state of the art equipment.

Breast enlargement surgery recovery time

Breast augmentation patients typically stay overnight at the hospital following surgery. Daily activities including light work can usually be resumed after one to two weeks of rest, while full exercise is usually avoided for up to three months.

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    Breast enlargement FAQs

    There is no rule on when breast enlargement surgery is the best course of action. You may choose breast implants if you feel or see one or more of the following; you are unhappy with the size and shape of your breasts; your clothes don’t fit well around your breasts; your breasts are different sizes; or your breasts have changed in firmness or size due to weight loss or breastfeeding.

    Patients will typically choose between saline implants (providing a uniform look and feel), structured implants (offering a more natural feel), silicone implants (using gel designed to feel like natural breast tissue) and ‘gummy bear’ implants (firmer and able to maintain shape well). There is no right or wrong implant – your consultant will advise on the best type of implant for you based on your breast type and personal objectives.

    Breast augmentation treatment typically requires a patient to undergo a form of anaesthesia prior to the surgical procedure. Your doctor will advise on the best method of medication. During the procedure itself, incisions will be made in a pre-determined, inconspicuous area which is intended to minimise visible scarring. The breast implant is then inserted and placed in a ‘pocket’ which is located either behind the breast tissue and over the pectoral muscle, or under the pectoral muscle. Which method is used will depend on a number of factors. The incisions are then closed using surgical tape, sutures or skin adhesive.

    Robert Warr operates a completely bespoke breast augmentation, meaning patients will be offered a full consultancy to determine the right type of treatment for them. Typically, patients will not eat or drink for six hours before surgery. Patients will discuss their form of anaesthesia with an anaesthetist before entering the operating room.

    Breast augmentation is the personal decision of the patient, who will weigh up the benefits of treatment with the potential risks. Full, signed consent must be provided by the patient.

    Among the potential risks of breast augmentation are; changes in breast sensation, implant leakage, the formation of tight scar tissue, pain following surgery and the possibility that revision surgery is needed.

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