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Plastic Surgery Secretary: 07568 112541  |  Lumps and Bumps Secretary: 07841 594278

Plastic Surgery Secretary: 07568 112541

Lumps and Bumps Secretary: 07841 594278

Robert Warr Plastic Surgeon Bristol Liposuction

After you’ve indulged in your beauty, indulge in the spirit of the giving season

Make-up DirectoryHoliday gifts are becoming more creative and unconventional every year.  Compassionate as well.  More people are gifting services and medical procedures than ever.  Especially appropriate for the giving season is that fact that charitable donations are also on the rise, as global citizens embrace more responsibility for their shared planet.  According to a study cited in The Guardian giving is contagious, especially if it is inspired by other givers you respect and admire.  Dr. Warr is such a giver.  A renowned plastic surgeon in Bristol, Dr Warr, a Fellow of The Royal College of Surgeons of England for over a decade, is constantly keeping up on the latest innovations in his field.  


As a member of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and the British Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons he carefully chooses his company, discussing and experimenting with colleagues who are just as curious and determined to refine the science and craft of plastic surgery as he is.   Because he values and nurtures friendships with his patients long after their procedures have been performed we was also inspired by one of them to found “Breast Cancer International.”   This charity is successfully supporting the prevention and surgeries associated with breast cancer in developing countries (where cancer rates are tragically catching up to ours.)      


Through networking with like-minded professionals he established a partnership with a plastic surgeon in Nepal with whom he is expanding his cross continental mission.   So as he enhances the physical beauty of his patients Dr. Warr also enables discovery of their internal beauty by providing a venue for giving back.  And when you see the exquisite mastery of his cosmetic surgery you will understand why so many Brits and French patients trust him with their bodies, as well as their charitable donations.  
And that trust, too, is contagious, as you can see from various patients’ passionate testimonials.  Many of them begin developing that trust with an initial, low impact procedure.  One of the most popular less intrusive plastic surgery procedures Dr. Warr has been performing for years is liposuction.  Many patients at both his Bristol and Westerchire offices come in with stories of all the strict diets, creams and work out routines they’ve attempted to conquer cellulite with.  To no avail.  Some fatty deposits are genetic and/or age-related and are very tough to beat.  Dr Warr is a master at shaping, contouring and resizing all parts of the body by removing superficial fat (that’s fat just beneath the skin.)  Liposuction does not require deep incision, as it exists on the surface, relatively removed from muscle, tendon, bones or organs. After an infusion of a diluted tumescent anaesthetic and light general anaesthetic patients are very comfortable, pain and stress free.  And once it’s over, your fat is gone for good! You’ll feel more attractive, less distracted by all that self-absorbed dwelling on your appearance, and light- hearted.  And when the heart is light it opens up to compassion and generosity.  So embrace the spirit of the season and ring Dr. Warr today!