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Plastic Surgery Secretary: 07568 112541

Lumps and Bumps Secretary: 07841 594278

Robert Warr Plastic Surgeon Bristol Liposuction

Teen body image rises with plastic surgery rates

Teen angst has a new enemy – the surgeon’s scalpel.  Teenagers across Europe are fighting low self-esteem, paralysing body image and loneliness by seeking out liposuction for cellulite and breast augmentation for uncomfortably sized breasts.  The Guardian features some pretty dramatic case studies.  Many teens attempt to conquer cellulite with diets, creams and work out routines.  To no avail.   Fatty deposits are often genetic and very tough to beat. Young people live in an increasingly visual world and associate more and more of their identity with their looks.  So they are increasingly prepared to forgo other luxuries in order to save up for plastic surgery – all before they are even of legal drinking age.

Liposuction, the procedure which removes unsightly dimpled fat deposits on the thighs and buttocks, makes wearing a swim suit at the high school picnic a pleasure again.  Breast augmentation is a more complex, deeper reaching surgery in which a variety of implants are either inserted into the breast (breast enlargement) or portions of the breast are removed (breast reduction.)  Every teenage girl will tell you what a profound part of her identity her breasts will always be.  So the investment is well worth any other frivolous sacrifices she may have had on her birthday list as a younger girl.  This gift, however will require a surgeon with much experience and a gentle, steady touch.

In Bristol, Dr. Robert Warr has just that.  A renowned plastic surgeon, he’s been a Fellow of The Royal College of Surgeons of England for over a decade.  Dr. Warr researches the latest technological innovations to present to his patients.  As a member of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and the British Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons he is constantly discussing and experimenting with colleagues who are just as interested in refining the science and craft of plastic surgery as he is.  When you see the exquisite mastery of his cosmetic surgery you will understand why so many Brits and French patients trust him with their bodies and their self-esteem.   And that trust, too, is contagious, as you can see from various patients’ passionate testimonials at his Bristol and Cheltenham offices.

To establish that trust in your teen, you may want to start with the most low impact procedure.  If you’re interested in liposuction Dr. Warr is truly a master at shaping, contouring and resizing all parts of the body by removing superficial fat (that’s fat just beneath the skin.)  Liposuction does not require deep incision, as it exists on the surface, relatively removed from muscle, tendon, bones or organs – so it’s a good starter procedure.  Dr. Warr makes each patient comfortable, pain and stress free with an infusion of a diluted tumescent anaesthetic and a light general anaesthetic.  Once the procedure is complete, your teen’s dimpled fat disappears forever! She’ll feel more attractive, less distracted from her school work and more light- hearted during family time.  So rid your household of self-absorbed insecure dwelling on adolescent body parts for good –  ring Dr. Warr today!