male breast removal gynaecomastia

Nipple reduction surgery is requested by men and women who were born with overly large nipples or areolas (the pigmented area around the nipple).

Overly large nipples can cause embarrassment when they are erect. Many men also prefer the appearance of smaller nipples as well as a less prominent areola as both are less noticeable under clothing.

Nipple enlargement can be something you are born with, or it may develop later in life for different reasons. It may occur after weight gain, piercing, or other circumstances.

Nipple reduction surgery is something that can be highly customized to size, shape, diameter, and projection.

Correction of nipple enlargement in my hands is a very predictable operation performed under a local anesthesia that takes about an hour. With very small incisions on the nipple, only excess nipple tissue is removed, the nipple is reshaped, and can be reduced in both nipple diameter and nipple projection.

The procedure allows you to return to work the same day and begin exercise in two days. Your sensation and stimulation should remain totally normal. The stitches are dissolvable.

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