Liposuction in Bristol

Liposuction is probably the most popular plastic surgery procedure. Patients are concerned by their contours, shape, silhouette, and size. They have tried all sorts of diet and exercise programs with limited success.

I see patients wanting removal of fat and smaller contour or better shape in virtually any area where there is superficial fat (that is, fat just beneath the skin).

The way liposuction works is completely related to the ability of the skin to shrink and contract down around the reduced fatty [liposuctioned] framework. Once the fat is removed, it does not grow back, and you can expect the result for the rest of your life. I do things before and after the surgery to enhance this contraction process.

Since this fatty area and all of its contents are essentially on the surface of the body, the area is not closely related to muscle, tendon, bones, or other vital structures that hurt, so the recovery is generally surprisingly comfortable.

Surgery involves infusion of a dilute anesthetic into the tissues (tumescent anesthesia) combined with a light general anaesthetic.

The areas I treat with liposuction are:
Face and Neck: Liposuction to the jaw usually accompanies a facelift procedure.

Chest and Breast: Liposuction can work well for breast reduction in women. It is almost always used in chest reduction in men.

Arms: This can be done in all areas from the wrist up. It is used to aid in brachioplasty surgery.

Folds in Front/Rear Armpits (Axillae): These are the annoying pockets of fat that may be just above the breast and bra or in the back of the axilla in women. Men get these too.

Abdomen: This is the entire area from the chest to the pubis.

Hips: This is the area all around the waist from the abdomen edges to the spine.

Back: These are the rolls under the bra straps in women. Men get these too.

Pubis: This can be reduced.

Thighs: I divide this into front, back, inner, and outer. All of these areas can be done.

Knees: This includes the inner knees, but also some fat that can appear in a horseshoe shape above or below the kneecap.

Legs: This is usually for thick ankles, but I can remove fat from the knees down.

  • “The results of my liposuction to my arms and legs were very good and exactly what I wanted”

    Miss KB
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